JOYO Steady and Comfortable Cat Window Perch


JOYO cat window perch with 4 big suction cups can hold up to 40 lbs(18KG), and provides a good position for kittens to look outside and sleep. The sturdy and compact components can be installed in minutes, even by novices, without additional tools.

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Cat Window Perch

Installation Notes

How to Install the Cat Window Perch?

  1. First of all, check if the two ends of the stent could be attached to a flat surface well or not, any corner curls, please adjust it before installation.
  2. Soaking and Soften the suction cups: SOAKING the suction cups in warm water (30-50°C) for 3-5 minutes to warm up and soften them.
  3. Clean the glass window and the suction cups to make sure it’s free of dirt.
  4. Install suction cups to the perch plate hole and leave some space while you install the two suction cups.
  5. Insert the metal stent and install the other two suction cups to the metal stent as before.
  6. Install the cat window perch on the glass window to finish the assembly.


Safe and stable cat hammock

JOYO uses the metal bracket, which can bear a maximum load of 40 ensure the safety of your cats and increase the fun of your cats.

Comfortable Carpet Cloth

Soft and breathable carpet cloth material, so that your cats can freely and comfortably lie on it to look outside.

360° Sunbath Window Perch

JOYO cat window perch provides a safe 360° view to enjoy the sunshine for your cats.

A Space Saving Cat Bed

JOYO cat window perch can make your cats enjoy the view outside window or just sleep under the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see the instructions you are looking for or need further assistance, please contact our customer

The Pad is a soft and breathable carpet cloth material.

Size after installation: 16.9*11.4*12.2 inches (43*29*31cm).

The Cat Window Perch uses the metal bracket, and its load-bearing capacity can reach 40 lbs (18 kg). The newly upgraded suction cup can be more strongly adsorbed on the wall or window glass.

Grey and brown are classic colors and both of them could match most of the stylish of your house.If you could not decide which do to have, why don’t you have both of them bacause they are really so nice looking.

The Installation is very convenient, no need to punch.You can install it on any glass window or tiled wall in your home, and the kittens can rest freely and comfortably.

It can be used on absolutely smooth walls, such as glass walls.As long as the surface is smooth and seamless, the suction cups can work on it.



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