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Focus on love and companionship and spend wonderful moments with your pet.

Brand Story

A, the founder of CatRomance, visited his friend B, who had adopted five cats. A noticed that B had some pet supplies unused and taking up a lot of space in the house, and they all cost a lot of money. These prices shocked A.A found that: there are often expensive pet supplies that break down soon after purchase; cats are not interested in buying these supplies or do not continue to use them because they are a burden to their bodies; pet supplies are expensive but there are no better choices, and if there are more pets in the house, the expenses on pet supplies are huge.

A believes that it is the brand’s responsibility to provide quality and secure products for pets, and good products do not mean high prices. So A decided to create CatRomance, a brand that focuses on professionalism, quality, and affordability, focusing on love and companionship for cats and safeguarding the lives of pets.

Focusing on love and companionship and spending wonderful moments with pets is the philosophy of CatRomance. Since the establishment of the brand, CatRomance has put its footing on the efficacy performance of the products, using the characteristics of tough and exquisite, safe and comfortable, natural and harmonious products to show the characteristics of modern consumers who care for life, love life and are warm and tender. It is the consistent pursuit of CatRomance to focus on quality from the source and ensure quality from the process.After the creation of the CatRomance brand, we also created a sub-brand, JOYO.CatRomance and JOYO are now distributing a wide range of high quality pet products to many regions through multiple platforms such as Amazon.

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