CatRomance Durable 3 in 1 Reversible Ramp Cat Scratcher


CatRomance 3 in 1 design double-sided sisal cat scratcher board satisfy your cats’ scratching instinct instead of having them scratching your furniture and carpet.

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Cat Scratcher


Home Furniture Protection

Our cat scratcher cardboard is perfect for cats to keep their nails trimmed and healthy, protecting your furniture from being taken as a cat scratcher.

Durable Double Sided Usability

The cat scratcher is made of stronger pine, one side with premium sisal and another one with comfy carpet,which can give your cats a different touching experience.

CatRomance Cat Scratcher

Durable and Stable

Woven sisal is more durable and very suitable for cat scratching. The natural wooden support is more stable.

Rest and Entertainment

CatRomance Cat scratching board can satisfy your cat scratching his paws, or let him lie on a comfortable carpet to rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

CatRomance’s cat scratching pad is made of high quality sisal, which is more durable than ordinary cardboard and does not produce paper scraps.

It is a 3-1 cat scratcher for indoor cats which is suitable for scratch, stretch, and rest.We suggest you could have the carpet side rest as comfy curved bed and have the sisal side to scratch as vertical and horizontal cat scratch pad.

Of course it is reversible, one side is carpet pad and another one is sisal pad.We suggest you could have your cat rest and sleep in the carpet cat scratchers, and have your cat scratch and stretch in the sisal board side which could aslo be in vertical as cat ramp.

For the first use, you can sprinkle some catnip on the scratching board, which will make your cat more interested.



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