How Cats Convey Emotions?

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Cats are known for their curiosity and playful ways. So, can cats have feelings like humans?Cats can indeed feel a variety of emotions, so how do they express their emotions?

  • Facial expressions


If their ears are rotated backwards, your cat could be irritated by something (often accompanied with a wagging tail) or simply just getting a better listen of whatever noise has caught their attention behind them. Flat, pinned back ears are unmistakable, however, your cat is frightened or threatened.


If your cat’s eyes are half-closed and blinking in slow motion, it shows that they are completely satisfied with you and trust you. Wide open eyes with pupils that dilate quickly mean your cat is in “predator” mode and are ready to pounce at any second. Whereas a cat with a furrowed brow, slit eyes and direct stare are not happy at all and are angry, threatened and defensive.


Purring is a continuous, soft, vibrating sound in the throat of most cats. Purring is generally considered to indicate a positive emotional state, but cats sometimes purr when they are sick, nervous, experiencing pain, or when they are about to die.

  • Body language and posture
  1. Cats will respond to soft sounds and petting, and may even return their petting by resting their head on your hand or turning sideways.
  2. The tail is a strong indicator of how a cat is feeling.If it’s held high and ‘quivering’, he or she is very happy to see you! If the tail has formed a question mark shape, it is self-explanatory – your cat is curious and unsure of how they feel.A wagging/swishing movement, however, indicates that they are irritated, and if this turns into the classic ‘bottle brush’ your cat is very unhappy and needs to be left alone.





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